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  • D. Keener

Traits & Profiles of Great Entrepreneurs

Do you think you have the 'chops' to cut it as a 21st century entrepreneur...successfully? I stumbled across an article that categorizes certain entrepreneur "types." Take a look and determine if you carry the innate traits that may contribute to "successful" entrepreneurship.

The infographic outlines 4 entrepreneur types: 1) Heart dominant; 2) Smarts dominant; 3) Guts dominant; 4) Luck dominant.

* Disclaimer: While I do not believe in "luck", but for the sake of this article, the context of the topic, and for people who may find the information beneficial in its totality, I do, however, ascribe to the concept "faith" (in lieu of luck) as my personal choice. Again, the information is very relevant, which is why I decided to post and will address the subject of "faith" versus "luck" in a later post.

- Happy Reading!!


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