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Give Your Facebook Business Page a Facelift with these Cool Tips!

Let's face it folks, we can all use a "pick-me-up" every now and then. However, you must remember not to neglect this notion when it comes to your business. When most companies think about refreshing their businesses, it often involves a massive rebrand strategy.

Hours spent in board rooms, hundreds of strategy sessions, countless number-crunching and multiple rebranding teams are all established to carefully coif a perfectly new perspective that should "speak" to the heart of their consumers -- in hopes of facelifting a brand and generating revenue -- eventually. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes is works for a time, but then foot traffic (both in store or digital) will slam into a plateau.

You might not be ready to rebrand your entire corporate strategy at the moment -- as a matter of fact, you may only be a company of 1 with no marketing team or marketing budget. Your only means of marketing right now may only be social media.

We'd like to inform you that you're still a candidate for a Facebook page "quick" refresh to increase traffic to your page. When was the last time you took a good look at your Business Page? Here are a few tips to consider while assessing your Facebook business page:


1) Basic business info

Make sure your business' basic information is up to date and complete. This includes:

  • Comprehensive business description

  • Current email

  • Updated phone number

  • Updated website address

  • Updated working hours

2) Cover image

Your cover image is the most watched item on your Facebook business page. Your cover page image is vital making for making a good first and ongoing impression. Remember, this is your storefront. Think about how you feel when you walk into a physical store, restaurant or other business. Colorful images

3) Profile picture

Just like the cover image, the profile image is another crucial element of your Facebook profile. This image is also shown in the newsfeed; therefore, remember to make sure your profile picture is easily recognizable.

4) Audience Engagement

Facebook is all about conversation. Answers as many questions as you can. Chat with your followers. Make maintaining a dialogue with your fans your number one priority. The more you can create the feeling that there are ordinary people managing your Facebook page the more connected your audience will feel to your brand. Also remember to post quality content that not only gets you likes, but shares as well. It's not about the number of likes, it's about the number of users that engage with your page. This is the actual number to measure for success.

5) Post diverse content

Try to surprise your audience each time you post on your Facebook page. Keep your audience's attention with interesting and different posts like articles, polls, videos, images and anything else you feel my be of interest to your audience.

6) Make it Count!

Here's the deal, users don't like long and boring post. A huge percent of your followers won't even read these posts. Therefore, remember to make your posts:

  • concise

  • accurate

  • relevant

  • clear

By making your posts count, you will increase overall engagement activity of your audience. Success!

7) Don't overdue it

Don't post too much in a single day. According to social media metrics, the optimal number of post in a single day for effectiveness is between 2-4. Through engagement, become acquainted with your audience post content that is of interest to them. Remember not to spam their newsfeed because they will likely unlike you.

8) Honesty is always the best policy

Social media etiquette mirrors real life etiquette. When in doubt, tell the truth! Users appreciate when when you're honest and do not appreciate when you lie to them. Followers are usually more inclined to write negative comments before they write positive ones. Don't give your followers reasons not to like you or unlike you.

9) Be consistent

Your fans liked your page for a reason. They want to keep up with your business and know what's happening. Make sure you're consistent with the information you post and make sure it is relevant. Also remember Facebook is evolving constantly. Make sure you're up to date on on all Facebook updates so you're relevant to your audience.

10) Handling negative comments

Do not touch your negative comments (okay to delete your spam). Deleting your negative comments will result in more negative comments. You want to try to find the source or reason of your negative comments and correct. Never be too proud to apologize if you have to - this makes your account more human.

11) Proofread your posts

Grammatically incorrect posts are annoying and irritating to followers. Remember to proof your posts before you post. If at all possible, try to get a second pair of eyes if you're unsure about something. Grammatically incorrect post make very bad impressions and decrease the credibility of your company and the service or product you offer.

12) Facebook insights

Study the metrics of your page and use this tool to make your plans for what you post. Facebook insights is an awesome tool and easy to learn. It's great for learning what time is a best for posting on your Facebook and what type of content your followers engage with.

13) There's value in your "like"

Users engage with your business are doing so intentionally. They are the ones who matter the most. This will increase your Edge Rank and your page will reach more people. Each organic like is important for your business so try to attract user that are relevant to your business and want to hear what you have to say.

14) Promoting your Facebook business page

Each Facebook post has a certain amount of time that it remains posted. Once the post expires, your post will no longer be visible to followers. Promoting your publication is a great way to reach a larger audience.

Facebook ads are a great way to push your page. If you've never incorporated this tool, perhaps this is a great time to do so. Target your relevant users and try to experiment with different ads. Remember to analyze your results which help increase your advertising effectiveness.

15) Shareable Offers and Discounts

Promotions, offers, sales, discount codes and competitions are a great way to engage your audience and get interaction. People love deals and Facebook is a great way to get the word out about what you have going on.

Here are just a few quick tips you can use to give your Facebook Business page a quick lift -- in the event you haven't already started incorporating these tactics. There are a tons of resources available to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook Business page. Remember, this is your storefront - some users very first impression of your business and an opportunity to extend your marketing reach.

Check often for more tips and tricks or contact KeenerKoncepts to learn about other ways to help make your business successful!

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